AlyDolls Jewelry Boutique

AlyDolls is a mother and daughter fashion jewelry boutique. Based out of Boca Raton, Florida. This dynamic mother and daughter duo hand pick the finest jewelry from around the world.

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We know that in a mother's and daughter's world, even one hour of bonding can be your greatest extravagance. A daughter's longing for some of the simple pleasures and moments spent together with her mom is everything. Finding the perfect jewelry piece or even getting your mothers advise can go a long way in a young daughters life. We perfected the art of mother daughter bonding experiences while shopping. Delivering all of todays trendy pieces and hand picked by a dynamic mother daughter duo. As fashion designer, the power of comfortability was unmistakable. As soon as our client's bodies touched the precious metals, we watched their insecurities melt away. Now with a whole fashion focus, we put our heart and soul into giving mother's and daughter's what they have been asking for. The freedom to take a minute for themselves.

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